About Us

So you want to know more?

Originally established 10 years ago, Harbour Graphics has had its ups and downs. With a change of ownership, only a few years ago, Harbour Graphics made a change for the better. One thing that we at Harbour Graphics, strove to accomplish, and continue to strive for, was and is an outstanding customer service experience. At Harbour Graphics, we want you to enjoy your order experience, from the minute you make contact, to the time you pick up your final product. We don't build brands, we build relationships.

Meet The Team!

  • Sitting up front

    • Hobbies
  • Boxing
  • Photography
  • Going to Theatrical Productions
    • James
  • Hiding in the other room

    • Hobbies
  • Theme Parks
  • Working on cars
  • Video Games
    • Becca
  • Melting in the back

    • Hobbies
  • Adventuring
  • Music
  • Food

  • Our Part Timers!

      Mike ($$)
  • Outside the office, sometimes inside

    • Hobbies
  • Coaching
  • Buying Jordans
  • Making pocket change
    • Sean
  • Mostly outside the office

    • Hobbies
  • Coaching
  • Avid Thimble Collector
  • Whittling sticks into pointy sticks

  • Behind The Scenes

    Without the love and support of the husbands and wives of the Harbour Graphics Team, we would not be able to provide you with the outstanding products and services that you can expect from us. Special "Shout Outs" to our families and loved ones that put up with us on a daily basis.


    That's right, YOU! Without you, we would all be unemployed and homeless. Thank you in advance for your patronage. It truly brings us joy to exceed your expectations. Thank you again!